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Timothy Mooney returns with BREAKNECK ROMEO & JULIET!

Tim Mooney, who brought three one-man shows (“Breakneck Julius Caesar,” “Breakneck Hamlet,” and “Man Cave a One-Man Sci-Fi Change Tragicomedy) to the Tampa Fringe (2017, 2018 & 2019) returns with his latest one-man show, “Breakneck Romeo & Juliet!”

Tim (whose “Man Cave” was a “venue favorite” in 2019) created a digital “Breakneck Romeo & Juliet” as a broadcast presentation for the So Many Shakespeares Festival in 2022, winning “Best Digital Show” in the festival. (That same performance was nominated for “Digital Shakespeare Show of the Year” from the Young-Howze Theatre Journal!) In the interim, Tim has refined the show for live, in-person performances, and the Tampa Fringe will be its Fringe Debut!

“Breakneck Romeo & Juliet” finds Tim playing both Romeo AND Juliet… and the Friar AND the Nurse! And ALL the rest! It’s the “multiverse” interpretation of Shakespeare’s most popular romance! “Somehow these two “star-crossed” lovers launch onto a trajectory that leaves, not only them, but also, amid a flurry of unfortunate coincidences, Mercutio, Tybalt, Paris and Lady Montague DEAD-DEAD-DEAD!”

It's every bit as tragic as we might assume, but with Tim Mooney’s special snarky take on “just what Shakespeare might REALLY have been trying to say,” even as he repeatedly crosses the line between serious tragedy and hilarious comedy. This is Tim’s sixth one-man Shakespeare show following not only “Hamlet” and “Julius Caesar,” but also an award-winning “Comedy of Errors,” “Shakespeare’s Histories” and his mind-boggling overview of all 38 Shakespeare plays, “Lot o’ Shakespeare” which features one monologue from every Shakespeare play! Tim’s Shakespeare work has also won him the support of the DeHaan Foundation, which has contributed to this work for the past eight years in recognition of the work’s educational/cultural value. (Tim spends the school year touring the U.S., turning high school and college students into fans of the bard.)

Tim notes, “Of course, each of these plays has a life and a tone and a zeitgeist all of their own, but when you pass them through the filter of ‘how is Tim going to make sense of this all, breakneck-style,’ even the tragedies come out with reckless abandon and snark. You still get all of the crying and wailing and beating of the breast, but even the most horrible tragic results leave you laughing at the extreme (and sometimes absurd) coincidences that led to all the death and grief and bewailing.”

“I was actually tempted to subtitle this one, ‘Into the Julieverse,’ because the more I studied the play, the more conscious I became of the fact that time and time again, had just ONE THING happened differently, if ONE COINCIDENCE had spun a different way (if, Capulet’s servant knew how to read, or if a sudden breakout of pestilence had not sent Friar John into quarantine), then NONE of the tragic conclusions would ever have come about!”

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PG 13 Themes of substance and adult language - 60 Minutes

Performance Dates:
May 10, 2023 at 9:00 pm
May 13, 2023 at 9:30 pm
May 14, 2023 at 4:45 pm

Tickets: $12.00 (plus festival fees)

Ticketing and Fringe information:

Location: The Coop: HCC Ybor - (Directions/Map)

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